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Biocoop21 - An innovation, from a concept store to a real store

Published on 18/05/2016

Biocoop is a leading organic food and products retail network  in France, with nearly 400 independent stores. Olivier Drot, manager of the unique pop-up store Biocoop 21 launched during the international climate conference COP21, explains its philosophy.

The main idea behind Biocoop21 was to implement a 100% loose products concept. At Biocoop 21, shoppers were able to buy 100% packaging free products, being for instance basic vegetables, processed products but also wine, edible oil or honey.

This specific store was a perfect opportunity to explore even more ecological and greener solutions: all equipments had to be re-usable, the furniture completely removable and manufactured only out of wood. They also took care about selecting the most suitable refrigeration solution. SANDEN provided the requested "plug-in showcase" solution, with following unique features:

  • low noise level

  • energy efficiency

  • eco-friendly, natural, non-flammable and non-toxic refrigerant

Olivier Drot concluded that this solution was perfectly fitting to the overall philosophy of Biocooop as well as its customers, aiming at innovation in the field of environment protection..

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