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SANDEN : 20th French plant anniversary and start of a new production line dedicated to commercial refrigeration

Published on 26/08/2016

On July, 1st 2016, faithful stakeholders of SANDEN in France gathered in Tinténiac for celebrating the 20th birthday of now well-established plant.

20 years ago, Sanden settled in Tinténiac (Brittany), European automotive air conditioning market being ramping up. The plant started production with fifty people. Beginning of July, over 800 employees celebrated the manufacturing of its 50 millionth automotive A/C compressor.

In addition to automotive related activities, an ambitious diversification strategy has been initiated, leading to manufacturing and sales of CO2 heat pumps on the European market since 2011. This diversification is now moving to its next level through a new production line dedicated to the commercial refrigeration (condensing units).

This milestone confirms the commitment of SANDEN Group to keep developing business and though contributing to employment in Brittany, specifically in the field of environmental technologies dedicated to automotive air conditioning, building thermal comfort as well as commercial refrigeration.

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