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SANDEN Heat pumps now available in UK

Published on 29/11/2016

Thanks to Bublshop, a British nationwide distributor, SANDEN heat pumps are now available in the UK.

Bublshop are targeting the Aquaeco₂ Max at agricultural businesses, such as dairy farms, whose hot water needs are very high (e.g. : sterilization of equipment, washing horses, drinking water for calves etc.). SANDEN heat pumps are highly suitable to these applications, producing domestic hot water at 65°c at any moment and without any electrical back-up

Nick Welch, Technical Sales Manager for Bublshop said: "We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Sanden Environmental Solutions and to be supplying a wide range of businesses with an energy solution that, not only protects the environment, but significantly reduces energy bills. There are so many great benefits to using this product, which include the ability to deliver water at 65oC without electrical back up even at an outside temperature of -15oC, the whisper quiet operation and minimal maintenance requirements. We are currently offering free evaluations to the agricultural industry to demonstrate how much money can be saved annually on water heating bills which I encourage all businesses to utilise."

About Bublshop Ltd

Bublshop is a Nationwide Distributor of Market Leading Renewable Energy products to both the public & trade. Originating from an MCS installer's background ourselves they know the industry inside and out.


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