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Grand opening of a new BIOCOOP store in Saint-Malo, Brittany. Another success for SANDEN

Published on 20/12/2016

© OM © Julien Pignol Grand opening of a new BIOCOOP store in Saint-Malo, Brittany. Another success for SANDEN

Mickaël Chemin, Manager of the newly implemented store, inaugurated this BIOCOOP outlet, the French leader in organic food retailing, on the 6th of October in Saint-Malo, Brittany. This celebration was also the opportunity to host prestigious guests, like Mr Jean-Michel Le Pennec, from the City Council of Saint Malo, and Mr Jean-Francis Richeux, Vice-President of Saint-Malo District Area who supervises sustainable development and environmental policy. Mr Claude Gruffat, Chairman of BIOCOOP, also joined the ceremony.

Mr. Chemin proudly detailed his eco-design project of a store, that has been designed to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. The outlet relies on renewable and locally generated energy, an ambitious waste management process with a composter and 100% LED lighting. Mr Chemin also purchased a full non-treated wooden shelving solution. He also insisted on relying on the most virtuous refrigeration system possible and therefore, trusted SANDEN and its non-flammable and non-toxic technology. SANDEN CO2 solution is today the preferred eco-friendly technology available in the market.

The new store appears eventually to be 4.000 times less impacting than traditional HFC layout.

This new store confirms our partnership between SANDEN and BIOCOOP who trusted us for our first installations in Europe.

BIOCOOP and SANDEN share the same vision of an eco-friendly business development. Though only initiated in 2016, the partnership between BIOCOOP and SANDEN is growing stronger thanks to new store installations and renewal projects.

Other organic food retailers are also committed to a more virtuous refrigeration approach, by relying on technologies that are not only efficient, but also non-toxic and safer.

SANDEN cements its position as a leader in green commercial refrigeration solutions to small and mid-sized stores.

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