SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Commercial refrigeration

As a contribution to building earth-friendly society, retailers are shifting from green housing gases to natural refrigerants to maintain fresh and frozen food products at required temperature. SANDEN offers unique CO2 condensing units for small stores with proven high performance.

The only CO2 remote units and cassettes for plug-in cabinets for convenience stores available on the market

Did you know that F-Gas leaks are one of the biggest sources of greenhouse emissions in the retail industry? And that is even more critical in small-format stores, where leaks of global warming gases from commercial refrigeration account up to 43% of total indirect and direct CO2-eq emissions.
To help reduce energy-consumption and carbon footprint of convenience stores, SANDEN Environmental Solutions offers versatile CO2 remote condensing units and CO2 modules for plug-in cabinets now in Europe.

Key benefits of SANDEN retail solutions

  • Unique 100% CO2 transcritical cascade architecture with 2 to 3 compressors for greater efficiency
  • Rigorously field-tested and improved in Japan before market launch in Europe
  • Large product range available for medium and low-temperature applications
  • Absence of “CO2 equator” | Superior energy-efficiency versus HFC in cold and warm of climate
  • Quiet operation ideal for remote installations in urban areas
  • Exclusive micro-channel gas cooler technology designed and manufactured by SANDEN: gain in compactness, greater capacity, lighter weight and reduced costs
  • Substantial reduction of refrigerant amount for  the same cooling capacity
  • Up to 40% reduction of piping costs at installation
  • Compressors designed and made by SANDEN ensuring reliability and quality

The 1st

CO2 condensing modules  for plug-in cabinets available on the market

COP improved by 1.5

versus regular CO2 solutions
thanks to CO2 cascade design


energy-savings versus HFC R410a


Our heating & cooling modules enable to fit SANDEN CO2 Technology in a large range of applications.

Our objective: make heating & cooling greener, safer and more efficient.