SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Heating for businesses

Dairy farms, hotels, car wash... are different types of business, but all of them require large amount of hot water to run on a daily-basis. SANDEN supplies top-of-the-class CO2 heat pump water heaters to business owners matching their most demanding needs.

SANDEN CO2 water heating solutions: reliability, performance & savings

  • Hot water available at any time
  • Extremely quiet operation | No noise disturbance to business clients
  • No refrigerant refill needed | Reduced maintenance costs
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, no risk of legionella | 100% safe
  • High quality standards | extended product life
  • Lower carbon footprint | High energy-savings

We provide them with the right solutions



Car Wash


Gym centers

Dairy farm