SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Industrial cooling

Adapted to the most severe conditions in industrial, SANDEN brings to the market an ecological range of 100% CO2 air conditioners for electrical cabinets.

A revolution in the field of protection of electrical and electronic components:

This new generation of air conditioners guarantees the cooling of electrical cabinets by being transparent to attacks from any environment: oil, dust, graphite.... Made by SANDEN, Global specialist in hot and cool technologies, GR-Series air conditioners have already demonstrated their reliability on the Japanese market (under APISTE brand).

The only air conditioners really operating without filter under any conditions

The GR-Series range includes an exclusive fin-less condenser technology, allowing dirty ambient air flowing freely through the cooling system.
Thanks to an optimized design, the GR-Series air conditioners keep their cooling capacity and thus ensure maximum lifetime of your most critical electronic components.

Key Benefits of GR-Series air conditioners

  • Maintenance free: transparent to the most severe industrial atmosphere, no need for refrigeration skills
  • Natural, neutral, non toxic and non flammable refrigerant
  • 20 % + energy savings
  • High cooling stability under the most extreme conditions
  • Extremely compact and robust
  • Compressors designed and made by SANDEN ensuring reliability and quality

With a cooling capacity from 500W to 1500W with side mounted or rooftop models, the GR-Series range is adapted to all industrial sectors constraints.



The only 100% CO2

range of products

20% +

energy savings

Free maintenance

The only systems designed to operate without any filter