SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2


We make key components ourselves

Compressors, gas coolers, evaporators are key components when it comes to efficiency. SANDEN is a true expert in CO2 Technology components as we design and produce our own ones. The SANDEN Group is the first manufacturer of CO2 compressors in the world, with more than 1 million units produced so far! In addition to guaranteed high quality, this approach enables our engineering department to continuously improve components and develop the most efficient, compact and quiet heating & cooling CO2 modules.

Our responsibility

CO2 is a green refrigerant used since the 19th century but it is still considered as new on the market in some fields of applications. SANDEN aims to drive market change by creating customers’ value through usage of CO2 Technology.

This strategy calls for guaranteed quality to ensure customer satisfaction and eradicate risk of CO2 Technology’s negative publicity.

SandenVendo’s CO2 cooling module for vending machines. More at

That is why SANDEN offers ready-to-use and customized heating & cooling CO2 thermodynamics loops that we call ‘modules’.


SANDEN’s competence in CO2 technology enables us to offer heating and cooling modules for various fields of applications.

In other words, our strategy is to apply SANDEN CO2 Technology wherever heating or cooling solution is needed!