SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Benefits of SANDEN CO₂ Technology

Principles of thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a physical process allowing heat transfer through a refrigerant fluid.

  • Refrigerant takes the calories from a source of calories.
  • Refrigerant is compressed to enhance heat.
  • Refrigerant transfers the heat to desired body/place
  • Refrigerant is expanded. It is now ready for another cycle.

Why use CO2 refrigerant?

Non flammable
CO2 cannot explode nor get on fire under any circumstance

Climate friendly
Global warming potential = 1
Ozone depleting potential = 0

Non toxic
Full safety to end users in any case

CO 2 is a natural molecule which occurs in nature's bio-chemical processes.

Always compliant
Natural & safe, CO2 technology complies to existing and future regulations.

Unlimited resource
... as naturally present in the air and by-product of industrial processes.

Energy efficient
For SANDEN, superior efficiency of its CO2 solutions over F-gases is a must.

SANDEN's excellence in quality is globally recognized and frequently awarded by the industry.


Most refrigerant fluids commonly used in thermodynamics are chemical fluids called F-Gases that have a strong greenhousing impact.

Regulation authorities are putting growing restrictions to the use of F-Gases, due to its global warming impact.