SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Our know-how


Since 2007, SANDEN has developed unique know-how in CO2 Technology, encompassing a large panel of heating or cooling applications. We focus particularly on small capacity range up to 25 kW.

Our experience in CO2 systems encompasses:

  • heat pump water heaters, including Eco-Cute type, and space heating heat pumps for domestic use in Japan, Australia, Europe and now coming in the USA
  • enclosure air-conditioners in Japan
  • snack & drinks vending machines throughout the world
  • commercial refrigeration systems in Japan and now in Europe.


SANDEN-made components

We manufacture our own key components within SANDEN group: compressors, evaporators, gas coolers and electronics. Vertical integration of supply chain ensures excellence of quality and reliability. We improve our components continuously to increase the energy efficiency level of finished products.

Designed & Made in Europe

SANDEN group is fully committed to proximity with our clients. Throughout SANDEN Environmental Solutions branch, our France-based team work closely with business partners to provide CO2 solutions tailored to end-users’ needs. As responsible for Europe, Middle-East and Africa market, we promote product development and production at our plant in Tinténiac, Brittany, in collaboration with our global headquarters in Japan.