SANDEN Environmental Solutions

Hot & Cool by CO2

Thermal comfort

SANDEN CO2 Technology has been proven for thermal comfort since 2007. We provide our know-how to provide the market with innovative heat pumps for domestic hot water and/or space heating.

SANDEN CO2 Heat pumps: the right solution for thermal comfort

  • Air source heat pump application
  • Excellent efficiency for water heating and now for low-temperature space heating
  • Ideal for low energy buildings - now the main trend in new buildings in Europe
  • Compliant with latest building (including passive) requirements: high energy efficiency and use of renewables
  • Extremely quiet during operation, tested and certified
  • Full heating capacity down to -7°C air source
  • No refrigerant circuit connections needed at installation
  • Optimized to ensure true energy savings in real-life conditions for the end user

And as always: SANDEN’s high quality standards!